Friday, October 5, 2007

How to say “NO” to your kid.

Children are curious and intrusive by nature. Especially at the earlier age, because children are born naturally to be curious and intrusive they always have the intention to understand. As they grow up, they will be more inquiring because they want to comprehend the way you think and why they should follow the same way. So when you setting up the rules and expectations in your home it is imperative to let your child understand that there is no room for questioning the rules you set. You will set the forth and consequence of breaking the rules. They will understand that the rule is to be follow; you will be fine if you break the rules. As, they are too young to understand the reasons.

Children born with the tendency of being a child that their parents proud with. This is the nature of a child. Honestly, children do not understand your long and lengthy explanation when you are trying to tell them “NO” or not allowing to do things at such a young age. But, children are born with the capability of being their parent’s good kids. They will try their best to become good kids. So when you are trying to say NO to your children you can always tell that. Don’t do that because I am not happy with it. You will be surprise that they will not repeat that again. Because they understand that, if that repeat or did that again, my mummy or daddy will be not happy with me.

As a parent, try your best to avoid telling your kids “Because I said NO”. Just imagine, children are so curious when they start to learn and expose to the world. But as a parent you are stopping them by just a word “NO” don’t you think it is cruel to your kids? You are controlling them but not teaching them! You will probably explain to them as they grow or when they have the capability to understand. But when they are small, (between the ages of 1-4), you can try to stop them from doing things by telling them you are not happy with, they will not do that!

But as your child grows to the teenager and adolescents stage, you will need to explain to them. Because, at this age they are equip with the mentality and ability to understand. You will start to get a lot of ‘why’ ‘why I can’t’ questions. At this stage, you will need to tell them honestly the reasons of not being allowed to do so. When your child is grow to be at this age, it will be an opportunity for you to set the consequences of not obedient to the house’s rules. But, you must be consistent, firm and clear if you want to train your child to be discipline. At this stage, you will face bigger challenge. As you will need to answer and tell them why they are not allowing doing so. As your child might start to questioning you the reason of following the setting up rules or why it need to be like that. Control your emotion parents, calm down and do not get frustrated. This is their way of understanding the new world that they are born into and they are in the learning stage too. So appreciate your child.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Motive your kids in study

Motivating children for their study is a knowledge that every parent should learn as learning is the root of your children successful life in the future. You need to learn and understand tips that can cherish and motivate your children. Initially, children feel excited to go school. But the excitement and enthusiasm tends to wane after a few days of school life.

As a parent, you need to work out with some tricks which can maintain their hard work after the early excitement. This is important as if your children fail to have interest in their study then they future will be ruin.

You understand your child the most. You should design a study method which suits his character most. Observe your kid. Different kids with different character will have their own way of study. So, different study method will need to be setup. But do bear in mind that when you are working out with your children study plan, please make it easy and simple. You must first identify the study environment that they prefer. They like to study in their quite room, or they wish to have people around when they are studying. Some kids will enjoy studying with the music. So the first step before creating any study method you need to identify their study area and environment. The study method might be different for your first and second kids.

You must clarify to them the connections between career and academics in their early age. Give them the exposure of career and study. Let your kids understand the important of study and must share with him successful and excellent career will be depending on his learning at this moment. You can plan some activities which will enhance his interest in study and building up their passion to study is important. Do not let them feel boring with study.

Setting goals is important in every stage of life. Life without goals is meaningless. Give them the experience and belief of achievement is a product of their effort. Give them a concrete reason to study. Then he will contribute more effort in his study. Children with their goal will be organizing and they will be less likely to drop out from any programs or study in their later age. So, practice goal settings with your children. But do remember to make their goal setting simple. Attaining success will help to increase their chances of setting up a higher goal. This will also lead them to successful life.

Children love to be reward. Every parent should practice rewarding their children when they are success to reach their goal. When he score or achieve something, as a parent, praise him. Reward him as you promise. Rewarding will be very efficient in some children as they can work very hard in order to get something they wish to have. Our positive reinforcements will proportionally help to increase our children confidence and self esteem which we do not realize.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Diet during breastfeeding

Every lady is so eager to lose weight after giving birth. No lady will feel great of carrying the excess weight on the body. All women is so excited to lose the extra fat after giving birth. Do not be thrilled until put behind the nutrition you needed during breast feeding.

Why a good and healthy diet is important during breast feeding period, because the quality of the breast milk produce by your body is depending on the diet you consume and your diet after giving birth will speed up the cycle for your body to rebounds from child birth. Having appropriate diet is crucial during breastfeeding period as this will ensure that the nutritional requirements of your baby are sufficient.

During breastfeeding period, you are also consuming for two persons. Where part of your diet will be used to generate the breast milk produce for your baby and also necessary to recover your weak body which is recover from delivery. If you are not having sufficient diet during your breastfeeding period, all the nutrition will be contribute to milk production in your body. Thus, your body will endeavor to keep up the milk production and give negative impact to your body. So you must have sufficient nutrition in order to maintain your and your baby health during breastfeeding times.

During breast feeding period, you need to consume about three quarts of water daily. You will need water to accommodate the production of milk but in opposite, excessive water consumption will bring down the milk production. Fruits and vegetables is high recommended during breastfeeding period, ensure that at least two or three pieces of fruits is taken daily. So increase the dairy consumption during breastfeeding time. You can plan your diet to control your weight but consume adequate diet by separating your meal to five meals in a day. Instead of usual three meals in a day separate it to five meals in a day. This can help to control your weight gain during breastfeeding period.

You may want to increase your calcium consumption during breastfeeding as calcium is the mineral aid in the bones development, and lack of calcium will result in osteoporosis in your children later life. Dairy products, milk, soya, tofu and almonds are foods which is high in calcium. Further more, folic acid is good your baby’s growth and development. Foods which have high content of folic acid include cabbage, spinach, corn, asparagus and peas.

A well balance diet is needed during breastfeeding period.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Colds

My Baby First Cold

My first newborn was having cold. I feel so miserable and upset because she is feeling uncomfortable and the infection is worsening day after day. I really don’t know what to do to help her. The feeling is even worst as it is me who was suffering from cold. But, my advice will be do not get panic all mothers where you wake up one day and discover your baby is suffering from cold. Consult your doctor will be the safest way for your getting cold’s baby.

As times goes by, I keep my study and research in taking care of my baby and gain a lot of knowledge from it. Actually, you can assist to reduce your newborn discomfort and avoid the infection to worsening by guarantee she is getting adequate rest, sleep and liquids (water or milk).

Plenty of water should be given to your baby when she is suffering from cold. You can also grant her some fresh juices when she is more than six months old. Milk can also assist the infection from getting worse.

During their sleeping time when they are catching in cold, keep your baby’s head elevated. Sleeping in slight incline help the cold by relieving the postnasal drip. Build your baby head elevation by putting something beneath his mattress. Head elevation helps him for better breath. Try to avoid him laying flat on the bed. As laying flat on the mattress will pose difficulty for them to breath and baby will feel discomfort.

Mother can always sooth their baby cold by using the steam in the bathroom. Turn the shower in the bathroom which will steam up the bathroom, let your baby sitting with you for about fifteen minutes. The steam produce by the hot shower will help to relieve his cold by relieving the nasal congestion.

Place a mist humidifier or vaporizer in your baby’s room to enhance the humidity or moisture in the room where it will help your baby’s breath to improve.

If your baby has terrible nasal congestion you can help to suck out the mucus from his nostrils. Get a rubber suction bulb to draw out the mucus. If you find difficult to suck out the mucus as it is thicken in the nostrils, use saline nose drops to soften the mucus first. Then only extract the mucus from the nostrils when it is soften.

Lastly, giving your love to your newborn will improve her cold faster. Give your full attention, love, care and hugs to your newborn during her first cold. They can feel the love pouring by you and recover quickly.

Swaddling Baby

Baby swaddling is not so popular nowadays. But it is a famous practice in many countries, Middle East, Turkey, Afghanistan and Albania. Baby swaddling is not known among people of North America and Western Europe.

Recent study has shown that baby swaddling will help to reduce the possibility of colic baby. Baby swaddling help out with the problem of colic baby because during swaddling, your baby is being swaddle firmly in a blanker where they will feel secure and thus will help in colicky baby. Besides that during baby swaddling, newborn have the high tendency to concentrate, remaining relax and calm due to your efforts of resolving their need. Baby swaddling, will help to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Babies are hold in a stable and firm position while sleeping thus lowering the risk of sudden infant death. Baby swaddling should be practice among American and Western Europe especially at the age of three months as this is the age of high risk sudden infant death.

Baby swaddling give the sense of security to your newborn. They haven been staying for nine months in the uterus where it is restricted and warm, swaddling help to reproduce the feeling of warm and restricted as if in the uterus. Giving them the feeling help to secure and relax them. Thus increasing the sleeping period of the baby where they will feel more relaxing due o the prevention of sudden movement which will awake them. Swaddling can also help to increase the sleeping cycle of the baby. In addition to that, baby swaddling give baby the warm feeling where their body temperature is being regulated. Swaddling helps the baby and mother to get more rest, as baby sleep more and mother will be able to rest.

What you need to concern during baby swaddling is the overheating. It is suggest swaddling your baby with only diaper during summer time. Clothes and shirt can be excluded. Apart from that, you should also avoid to cover baby head during swaddling. As long as you are following the instruction of swaddling and apply the proper way to swaddle your baby, the temperature was not an issue to worry. Give special care to guarantee your baby circulation is proper and baby is comfortable with the swaddling process. Consult your doctor or nurse and seek for the correct method of baby swaddling.

Swaddling will help to increase your and baby sleeping time, why do not want to give it a try As it really benefits both the parents and children.

Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal as you are eating for you and the baby inside to thrive. It is a natural and essential phenomenon to gain weight for all pregnant women. But this is not an opportunity for you to over eat as an excuse of eating for two peoples. There are a lot of women gain excessive weights during pregnancy and facing difficulty to lose it after delivery.

How to maintain the proper and ideal weight during your pregnancy period? You might need to understand the relations between weight and your pregnancy before planning anything.

First of all, you are gaining weight during pregnancy because the weight of the embryo in your uterus is growing and developing. And this is essential and healthy during pregnancy. In average, all women will gain 25-35 pounds from their normal weight before pregnancy.

In order to determine the best weight range you should have, you need to know whether in what weight range you are at based on your age and height before pregnancy. If you are in the category of healthy weight range during pre-pregnancy, the maximum weight you can gain is thirty five pounds. Whereas for those people who fall under underweight category before pregnancy, you can gain a bit more compare to normal pregnant women but the maximum extra pounds to gain is not more than five pounds. For women who are obese before pregnant, you can only gain the maximum of extra twenty five pounds during pregnancy period. So make sure to watch your weight during pregnancy.

Do not try to lose weight during pregnancy period. As most of the cases where pregnant women who tend to deprive from healthy diet, will end up in having problems to both the mother and baby. Eat accordingly to avoid nutrition deprived to your baby and risks of getting heart attacks. You will not want your child to have all the health issue disease. So eat accordingly with proper diet.

Many of the women will get an excuse from pregnancy where they can eat whatever they want. You should keep to your regular eating habits. You will gain weight during pregnancy time, this is for sure. During the second trimester, an increase of one or two pounds in a week time will be normal. But do not let the weight exceed five pounds during the first trimester period. Weight yourself once in a week in the early morning after toilet. Watch your weight confirm it is within the extra number of your allowable weight gain range.

Pregnant women get hungry easily. Increase your consumption of whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits. This will help to maintain your weight. Try to consume high fiber food if you feel hungry easily. During pregnancy, what you consume will be deliver to your child. So, your eating habits and diets will either positively affect your child or adversely. Avoid all the junk foods or food which is high calories in the fear of becoming obese.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to be cautious to their diet as what they consume will pass to the baby. Women need to be careful in everything they eat as some of the food might affect the development of the baby. So understand the food that is allowable during pregnancy will help to prevent the miscarriages, still birth that nobody wishes. Pregnant women need to bear in mind that what you consume will pass to your baby so think before you eat!

Breakfast is the key meal to start off your day. Do not skip breakfast during pregnancy. If you are sick of morning meals, choose something small such as fruits and milk for breakfast. Breakfast is a must for all pregnant women.

Pregnant women advise to have 4-6 meals throughout the day instead of 3 normal meals. Divide the amount of food to smaller portion and more meals as this will help to reduce the effects of heartburn and bloated feeling during pregnancy. But do not over eat as you might face some difficulty to reduce your weight after giving birth.

Having the right nutrition is very important during pregnancy. Consume more calcium, vitamin and mineral product, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Cereal is also encouraged during pregnancy as cereal contains high fiber which will aid constipation. Protein intake is also important during pregnancy as protein assist in maintaining muscles, enzyme and hormones. Lean meat, poultry and fish are high in protein.

Fruit and vegetables is highly encourage as fruits and vegetables contain high fiber and vitamins. Take more green food such as broccoli and green beans.

Raw meat and raw egg should be avoided during pregnancy. As the raw meat and egg contain bacteria which will lead to miscarriage or still birth. If you are really craving for deli meat, cook until well done as this help to kill the bacteria. The bacteria contain in the raw meat and egg is harmless for normal consumption but it is not allow during pregnancy as our body immune system decrease when we get pregnant so the bacteria will be harmful to our body. Unpasteurised milk and soft cheese will cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Although fish are encouraged as it is the source of protein but some type of fish is inhibit due to the high content of mercury. Mercury will restrain the baby development and cause brain damage to your baby. High mercury fish include shark, tuna. sea bass and swordfish.

Alcohol and drug is exactly NO during pregnancy. You should stop alcohol and drug intake during pregnancy as this will inhibit the brain development of your child. Overdose of caffeine will also increase the possibility of miscarriage and low birth weight. Restrict your caffeine consumption to not more than 300mg per day.

Understand the right diet during pregnancy is important as this affect your child brain development and growth. To have a healthy newborn, small sacrifice is worth the value of.

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